Since 1984 Prudent has led the way with loans and services to people in the GTA with bad credit or lower credit scores

Stretched out with bad debt?

For consumers with bad credit who are having problems with harassing creditors and collection agencies, PMC is knowledgeable about the laws and the government resources to protect you.



    We can:

    • Arrange a settlement with your creditors often negotiating a lower payout
    • Arrange the details of the consolidation of debt
    • If necessary, connect you with the appropriate agencies to protect you against further harassment.
    • Pay off bankruptcy and proposal payments depending on how much is owing.

    Prudent Mortgage Corp will help get you back on track

    PMC will help you with a personalized mortgage plan for the future to put you on the right track for better money management.

    Our goal is to make the loan experience as simple as possible.  We urge you to apply online or call our office and speak to a mortgage specialist. (416)634-2018 ext 260