Helpful information when considering mortgages

Here are a series of helpful resource links to keep in mind when shopping for mortgages and looking at home equity loans

Prudent Financial  Services Loan Centre (PFS) – Loan centre.  Since 1984, PFS has been the leader across the GTA with open, affordable, same day bad credit loans as well as highly respected professional credit rehabilitation services for people with bankruptcies, proposals, bad credit and lower credit scores.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)  FSCO regulates insurance, pensions, credit unions, co-operatives, mortgage brokers and loans and trust companies. FISCO’s mandate is to enhance consumer confidence and public trust in these  sectors.

Mortgage Professionals Canada (formerly CAAMP) is a widely respected national institute of mortgage brokers, lenders and insurers.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) This site has excellent information on the planning of the purchase of a house and the process of obtaining mortgage arrangements. As Canada’s national house agency, CHMC plays a major role in the legislation governing Canada’s housing industry and promotes innovation in housing, design and technology.

Prudent Mortgage Corp.

caPrudent Mortgage Corp. (PMC) is a division of Prudent Financial Services which, since 1984, has been the GTA leader with the most affordable same day loans and best credit rehabilitating services to people with bad credit. Building on this expertise, PMC is today in the forefront of competitive home equity loans and superior personal service.

Our goal is to make the loan experience as simple as possible.  We urge you to apply online or call our office and speak to a mortgage specialist. 1 888 852.7647 ext.229