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Why a Prudent Mortgage Home Equity Loan?

  • Our parent company has been a part of the community since 1984.
  • Our rates for bruised credit lending are among the lowest in Ontario.
  • Your positive payback history is reported to the credit bureau to assist in improving your credit rating.
  • Professionals ready to help you with your financial concerns.
  • Borrow up to $500,000 o.a.c.
  • Guidance on the best way to use your home when money is required quickly.

Here are some common uses for a home equity loan but how you use it is up to you

Home Renovations

Investment Loans

Education Loans

Construction Loans

Emergency Loans

New Canadian Loans

Business Loans

Auto Loans

Personal Loans

Example Loan Rates

The Fineprint

Here is the fine print for your Prudent loan.

Min and Max period for a Prudent loan repayment

Answer: 1-5 years

What is the maximum annual percentage rate (APR), which includes the interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year?

Answer: 5.75% plus annual fee (ranges from 10% -19%) APR* – Start at 6.99% to 56.5% maximum (effective rate will vary).

A representative example of a Prudent loan – How is it broken down with all applicable fees

A typical 1000.00 loan, paid off over a 12 month period borrows an amount of 1020.00 which includes the $20 credit application fee. Total cost is 231.94. Payment is 104.33. This does not include optional life insurance

*Rates vary according to credit risks but at all times compliant with all applicable legislation and Prudent does not rely upon any exclusion intended for a pay day style loan company.

Liens and other searches 16.00 and up dependent on loan amount and amortization.

In some situations some security may be required.

Approval times are based on optimal situation – customer has all documents and extensive verification is not required.

Questions? We pioneered the Responsible Lender Pledge. Call us anytime and we’ll be happy to discuss your loan and what fees may be involved depending on your particular circumstances.


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I renovated my basement. It was done 10 or 11 days after I received the money from you. Turned out excellent and I have a renter now.

I wanted to tell you how you changed my life and made the impossible

Tennika S

Customer, Toronto

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